Tuition Fees

Infant and Preschool Fees

Tuition fees for our Nursery to Kindergarten programs (infant and preschool) are on a sliding-fee scale based on gross family income. There are three separate levels:

  • nursery fees
  • two-year-old fees
  • preschool fees

Families can enroll for two to five days per week on a set schedule. There is a 10% reduction in the daily rate for those families enrolled five days per week. For children ages two and up there is also the option of enrolling for a shorter day, a 2:30pm pick up. The Child Care Center also awards a limited number of scholarships based on income. To get specific information about the cost of care for your family please call us or contact us via email.

After School Program Fees

After Kindergarten and First Grade fees:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – $18.21/day
  • Wednesday – $25.50/day

Second through Sixth Grade fees:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – $16.11/day
  • Wednesday – $22.44/day

The Child Care Center does accept families whose tuition is paid in total or in part by the Vermont Department of Children and Families Child Care Financial Assistance Program.