Enrolled Families

Welcome to our resources page for families with children already enrolled at NCCC.

Hours & Holidays
Hours: 7:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday to Friday.
Holidays: The Center is closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & the Friday after, Christmas Day.
The Center does not close for snow unless State Police are requesting motorists to stay off the roads. Visit this site and/or listen to local radio stations for notice of cancellation or late opening.

Parent Participation
The Child Care Center encourages and welcomes parent participation in classroom activities and/or special projects. Let us know if you have time available to volunteer at the center. All parents of enrolled children become members of the Corporation and are invited to elect representatives to the Board of Directors at the Annual Corporation Meeting. Each year the Board actively seeks parent representatives to serve as members of the Board or Board committees. The Board also encourages all parents to participate in its annual fund raising activities.
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Parent/Staff Relationships
Teachers work in partnership with families, establishing and maintaining, ongoing, two-way communication. Teachers also communicate with families regularly to learn about the child’s individual needs and to ensure that the transition from home to the center goes smoothly each day. Please share any concerns that you might have with your child’s teacher, we understand that it is a big step to enroll your child in a child care program. The teachers, in turn will share information with you about classroom rules, expectations and routines, please check the newsletter each month for information about your child’s classroom. Information is also posted daily outside of each classroom.

The staff at the Child Care Center make every effort to counter any potential bias or discrimination by treating all children with equal respect and consideration. Teachers will initiate activities and discussions that build a positive self-image and teach the valuing of differences. Classroom staff will intervene when children tease or reject others and will provide models and visual images in the classroom of adults and children with differing abilities, differing ethic or cultural backgrounds and a differing primary language. Teachers and families work together to help children participate successfully in our program even when our professional values differ from the family values and practices.

Please let us know if it is difficult for you to communicate in English and we will arrange if at all possible for another parent to interpret for you.
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Parent Conferences
Teachers discuss shared caregiving information such as separations and food preferences with parents (and other family members legally responsible for a child’s care) on a daily basis at drop off and pick up. In addition, parent conferences are offered two times a year. A sign-up sheet outside the classroom will notify parents of available conference times. In addition, parents and/or teachers can request a conference at any time; it is not necessary to wait for conferences to be offered. If parents have concerns or complaints about a classroom and/or an individual teacher, a meeting can be set up immediately, preferably with the classroom teacher but with the Director if appropriate.

Conferences are an opportunity for classroom staff to learn from families about children’s’ interests and approaches to learning. Teachers will share information about developmental milestones, the methods that we use to assess children and any areas of developmental concern that we might have. This is also an opportunity to learn about parents’ goals and concerns. We actively seek family information in order to incorporate every family’s needs into our classroom planning. We strive to work closely with families to provide children a continuity of care between home and the center. If parents are unable to meet the staff we are happy to communicate by phone.

All Child Care Center staff are responsible for ensuring that information concerning any child and her/his family is held in strict confidence. This information may be used only for the purposes of providing appropriate care for the enrolled child, compiling administrative data, and complying with state and federal regulations. Parents of enrolled children have complete access to the Center and to their child’s records during the hours when their child is in care.
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Arrival & Pick-up
All children must be accompanied into the building by an adult. Children may not leave the building unattended and may ONLY leave with an authorized pick up person. Pick-up authorizations forms are available for download on this site. To comply with Vermont State Law, all children must be properly restrained in a child safety seat or seat belt when traveling in a car on Child Care Center property.
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Meals: Snacks & Lunch
The center provides a morning snack/breakfast, milk at lunch and an afternoon snack for older infants and preschoolers. All children must bring lunch from home. Finger foods are encouraged for babies. They enjoy feeding themselves and it develops good eye-hand coordination.

We are not able to store lunches in the refrigerator nor are we able to heat foods at lunch time. Please use “blue ice” packs and unbreakable thermoses for hot or cold items. We will warm bottles as needed.

The Center maintains a firm NO CANDY/NO GUM policy. Please do not send these items in your child’s lunch box.
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Attendance may be full or part-time according to a schedule set at the time of enrollment. Part-time attendance is limited to not less than two days per week. In the case of prolonged absence due to illness (two or more consecutive weeks) a reduced fee (50% of normal fee) will be charged. A written statement from your physician is required.

Parents must give The Center ONE MONTH’S WRITTEN NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL OR REDUCTION IN SCHEDULE or they will be charged for a month’s attendance from the day that notice is given.
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Tuition Fees
Tuition is charged for the enrolled schedule regardless of actual attendance. Tuition for attendance in addition to the enrolled schedule is based on actual days attended and will be charged in the following month. Extra days beyond the enrolled schedule must be requested and approved in advance through the office. Teacher approval alone is not adequate, nor can parents expect teachers to inform the office.
Tuition is on a sliding scale basis. Fees charged are per child. All families eligible for a fee reduction on our sliding scale need to document annually. Documentation includes a copy of your most recent income tax return and a copy of your IRS form W-2.
Bills are sent out on the 15th of the prior month. Payment is required by the last of the month. Payments made after 5:30 on the last business day of the month will be considered late. A late payment charge of 1.25% per month will be applied to all past due bills.
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Late Fees
A late fee will be charged when a child remains after their scheduled departure time. The charge is $5.00 for any period of time up to 5 minutes and $1.00 per minute thereafter. After 3 late pick ups in a calendar year, a $10.00 surcharge will be added to the late fee. After 6 late pick ups in a calendar year, the relevant facts will be reviewed by the Program Committee of the Board.
The above policy applies to any occasion when pick up is after 2:30 P.M. or after 5:30 P.M. In addition, late also refers to being in the classroom after 2:30 P.M. or in the buildings after 5:30 P.M. (regardless of whether you arrive prior to 2:30 P.M. or 5:30 P.M.)
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Nap Time
The Vermont State Child Care Regulations require that all children have at least one hour of rest time after the midday meal each day. The Center provides mats for resting in each classroom. Each child should bring a blanket and a crib sheet in a “nap bag” for use at nap time. Nap toys (small stuffed animals) can be kept in nap bags. All nap things must be laundered at home EACH week.
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Health Policy
All children are required to have a complete physical examination each year. An immunization record must be provided along with the health form signed by your child’s doctor.
Parents need to have alternate care available for their children when they are sick. If a child goes home ill s/he may not return to The Center the next day. Children who have been sick may return when they are no longer contagious and have been fever free for one full day. In addition, children are excluded from The Center until:

FEVER 24 hours after fever is gone
DIARRHEA & VOMITING 24 hours after symptoms are gone
COLD & EAR INFECTIONS 24 hours after fever is gone
STREP THROAT 24 hours after medication is started
CONJUNCTIVITIS Eye must be totally cleared up, no discharge
CHICKEN POX When sores have healed, no discharge
IMPETIGO 24 hours after medication is started, everything scabbed over
MEASLES 5 days after rash appears
MUMPS 9 days after swelling starts, no fever
SCABIES After 2 treatments on successive days with prescription medication
GIARDIA Must be out while on medication and until 2 negative samples 24 hours apart have been obtained
SHIGELLA Must be out while on antibiotics and until negative stool sample is obtained (must be done at least 24 hours after completing medication)
HEAD LICE Children are not excluded for head lice unless the infestation is severe. In consultation with the child’s physician, children should be treated with a prescription shampoo and all eggs should be removed. Child care center staff will examine children upon their return to the center. The center reserves the right to exclude a child with head lice when the infestation is not being controlled.
Please understand that these policies are for your benefit as well as ours.
The Center will administer prescription medication upon written parental permission. The medication must be in its original container and clearly labeled, by the pharmacy, with dosage, content, schedule and date. The Center DOES NOT administer over the counter medication, except with written instruction from the child’s physician.
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Each child is assigned a cubby. Each child must have a COMPLETE SET OF SEASONAL CLOTHES in his/her cubby in case of accidents. SNOWSUITS, HATS, BOOTS, AND MITTENS are required EVERY DAY in winter. The Center requires that all children ( except non- walking infants) wear shoes or slippers indoors. PLEASE LABEL CLOTHING WITH THE CHILD’S NAME. We cannot be responsible for lost articles of clothing that are not labeled. Don’t expect your child to stay clean, and don’t send him/her in their “best” clothes. The Center does not provide diapers.
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Toys from Home
Special toys from home can sometimes be very comforting for children when they come to Day Care. Since these toys are special and often not easily shared, we encourage children to put toys from home into cubbies as soon as possible. Teachers can not be responsible for these toys. If your child is willing, leaving them in the car for the trip home is best.
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Field Trips
Field trips are important in our program. Groups of children (particularly the older age groups) visit the fire station, airport, orchards, library, museum, etc. Seat belts are ALWAYS worn while traveling. If your child requires a car seat (is under 40 pounds) please be prepared to leave it at The Centerwith advance notice and be sure to instruct your child’s teacher on its proper use.
Volunteers are always needed on field trips. Be sure to let your child’s teacher know if you are available to help.
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Becoming a Board Member
Parents are encouraged to take part in the CCCM Board process and to become actively involved in policy and fundraising activities. Please ask our Executive Director, Allison Coburn, for more information regarding becoming a board member.

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