Red Room (2-year-olds)


The Red Room offers either a full-day program (7:30 am – 5:30 pm) or a part-day program (until 2:30 pm) for ten children ages two to three years.

Our curriculum is play based and shaped by the interests of the children. Therefore each year we investigate different subjects. There are some topics that reoccur from year to year, for example, space, oceans, weather/seasons, bugs and cars, however, the sequence and duration depends on the group. There are lots of opportunities for free exploration as well as teacher-structured activities centered around math, science, literacy, and creative expression.

Field trips such as apple picking or going to Billings Farm enrich the learning experiences. We provide a balance of active and quiet time throughout the day with an emphasis on getting at least 30 minutes of outside play. Special days such as mid-winter Beach Party or Pajama Party provide added fun to the curriculum.